Requesting to update!

  • Aircraft Lights

  • Airport Taxi lights/airport parking with aircraft restriction

  • Proper airport maps with Gate numbers

  • Better updated Waypoints

  • Include Concorde if possible!

Thank you, Infinite flight team!!! Kindly accept this request!!
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Hi @Rohit_Azhagappan,

These are all awesome ideas! I’d suggest checking out the #features category to vote on some of these requests. The more votes a feature gets, the higher likelihood that it will be implemented.

I’d also check out the #blog category to see what they already have in the works. The development timeline is also very helpful. Development Timeline | Infinite Flight

Taxiway Lights: Taxiway Lights

Aircraft Lights: Aircraft Taxi Lights

Concorde: Concorde - #1081 (Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like this is possible at the moment but there’s the closing message.)

Gate numbers: Gate numbers as taxiway indicators


Regarding Concorde, here’s Jason’s note:

Please see @Drummer’s response. Thanks!