Requesting to join IFATC Expert Server


Hey there, I was wondering if I’d be able to train for a ATC position for the server?

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Look here if you’re looking to join! ;)


Yep! Just do what Nate said :)

I’d also recommend looking into a trainer.

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And the YouTube tutorials

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Hey there!
You’re currently at TL0, which means you are unable to PM. To begin the IFATC process, you should PM a recruiter via the thread linked above once you have reached TL1.

For more information on trust levels, see here:

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Thanks guys! I’m unsure how i can contact a UK trainer as I’ve only recently got my IFC account so I’m a new member and don’t have PM capability…

Yea I’m new to all this as u can tell lol… How is TS1 given?

Look at the thread @rileymoyer kindly linked :)

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Yeah I have, honestly really appreciate it guys…This is my first forum I’ve ever been on so it’s all new to me lol again many thanks.

We hope you enjoy your time here! If you have any other questions, we are all here to help. :)

This forum is a huge, giant part of IF. You will learn this as you spend more time here. As mentioned: go an contribute, be part of it, read and watch the tutorials, become a good pilot, do touch and goes on airports and increase your XP points. IF is more than a Sim: it’s a family, a little world on its own.
On YouTube, you will also find IFATC tutorials, check them out and learn. Start controlling on Training Server.
If you fancy controlling, open a ‘tracking thread’ and get feedback on your ATC work.
You’ll love it here, I’m sure!