Requesting Subscription Renewal Earlier Than Planned

A quick note before I begin. This query is directed towards the IF developers/staff in particular. As much as I love reading all your comments and opinions, I would be grateful if this topic is only replied by those who are actually qualified to help me in my query.

Greetings community members and IF devs!

I have a slightly unusual query today, and was wondering whether I could go through with it somehow.

My 6 month Pro subscription expires on 8th March, but I would like to get it renewed as soon as possible.

The reason being that my credit card statement is generated on the 6th of every month, and I would like to charge it on IF prior to the next bill (to avoid the expected new surcharges on foreign transactions by my bank; applicable from 6th March 2019).

I am unable to locate the “buy now” section within the app. I assume it does not appear while my subscription is still active.

Any help from the IF devs with regards to my request would be greatly appreciated!

Amaar Viqar

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As much as I would love it as a feature, it is not possible to renew your subscription until it expires :(

Hey @Amaar_Viqar!

What @BigBert10 is saying above is true. It is unfortunately not possible to renew ahead of the expiration date due to policy limitations in the respective stores.

Would it be possible to cancel the subscription, and then buy the subscription again?
You would only be loosing 2 days of what you’re paying for.

If so, try that out.

Even if you can usually you keep what’s left so even though it’s renewed you won’t be billed until it’s actually used.