Requesting Runway or on the ILS?

Hey everyone,
Recently, i was on approach with IFATC and was already vectored to the runway, but shortly before i was cleared for ILS approach, the Controller went off, so i tune into Tower and requested the Runway. Was that right or should i had to call inbound on the ILS?

Thanks forward:)

To clarify, were you cleared for the ILS or not?

If you are cleared for the approach, then yes. Report inbound on the ILS.

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No , i wasn’t cleared

Then you are correct to request the runway 👍

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Ok, you were correct then

Allright, i was confused, because other aircraft called on the ils…

But thanks guys;)

“On the ILS” if you did an ILS approach, “on the visual” if you did a visual approach, and vice versa “on the GPS” if you did GPS approach. If there wasn’t an approach freq or you only requested radar vector then “requesting RWY”

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Thanks, it really helps:D

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You’re welcome.

GPS approach is no longer a ‘thing’. It was removed in the last update.

Give the above link a read 😀


Thanks, Done:)


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