Requesting Runway Crossing

Just a quick reminder to pilots requesting runway crossings. While at quiet airports it may be safe for ATC to clear someone to cross a runway without stopping (in IF, I’m sure in the real-world this doesn’t happen often), it is proper protocol to stop at the hold short line, THEN request a runway crossing. I was just controlling, and I had pilots requesting a runway crossing 5-10 seconds before they even got to the runway. Situations can change, and while the runway may be clear one minute, it won’t be the next. So, make sure to be REASONABLY close to the runway before you request a crossing.


I usually request rwy crossing while still rolling toward the intersection (but not far away). If ATC is quick and clears me, I keep rolling across for efficient movement. If I don’t hear anything or get a hold short instruction, I hold short.

I try to request at the time such that if I’m cleared, I will be at the runway before the time if I had stopped and had to get moving again.


Well said and good point.

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