Requesting runway change

Can I be ghosted for requesting runway change to tower? Let’s say i’m landing at CDG and Tower gives me clearance to land on runway 09L but I want to land on 09R. So then I request a change to runway 09R. I then wait for the controller’s answer. In this scenario, would’ve I been ghosted?

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Your most likley going to get a unable from atc

No you would not but if the controller says unable and you dont listen then yes

No you won’t but there’s a possibility that you can get a “please follow instructions”


Pilots can ask for a runway change. The IFATC should be happy to accommodate your request if he sees no conflict and it’s convenient.

If he has a big lineup waiting for runway 09R who want to depart, or the runway 09R is not an inbound runway in the ATIS, or if he sees a potential conflict with another aircraft, he will decline.


Oh ok because I heard you can get ghosted for requesting runway change. It’s an IFATC controller who told me that.

Tell the person who told you this, he’s spreading nonsense. Pilots can request runway changes, but, as I stated, it should be possible and not cause inconvenience. IFATCs are being asked to accommodate pilot requests, when they’re reasonable and when they can. We provide a service to the pilots, not the other way around.

If you get declined for runway 09R and land anyway, you risk a go-around or being Reported.


I’m not dumb enough to land on runway 09R if the controller told me not to.

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You get ghosted if you request it repeatedly, ignore the unable, or interfere with another aircraft.

Not for asking once.

That said, there’s really no point to everyone requesting the inner runways at a place like LFPG when you know the outers will generally be the landing runways.

Adding to above said!

Please don’t request runway change when vectored for a specific runway for ILS/GPS or Visual by an approach controller.

You have been already cleared for approach for the runway by the radar controller,so it makes no sense to request other runway else than the Cleared runway.

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