Requesting Pushback Problems

Every time I am online and try to request a pushback, it never works. I dont know if it is a phone issue or if I am not doing something right. When pushback is approved, nothing happens. Please help


There are 3 control pages. When pushback is approved, go to the third page and hit the pushback button. Then your aircraft will begin the pushback process


You have to go to the bottom left corner and tap that button until you get to the lights menu. There you’ll find the Pushback button

I will try that. Thank you so much.

Well first of all, make sure you’re connected. The top right of the screen should indicate a ‘green’ bar. This means you’re connected, if it’s orange then that means you’re not connected.

Also, when pushback is approved, YOU are suppose to start your pushback. There should be a button on your screen that says “pushback” under “systems”. You click on that and you should begin to see your aircraft moving back. Note: this is not featured in fighter jets.

I hope this helps!?



Well, he says pushback is approved, so I think he knows how to get online

Sometimes, I’m online I request it and I don’t get a response… Turns out my connection was lost. Therefore, I just want to make sure this may not have happened to me. Hence, he said “when pushback is approved” therefore, he did get connected but it also could mean he lost connection or tower bevame offline. I am not sure how he is saying he can’t find the button if he is mentioning that nothing happens after he requests it.

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