Requesting Pushback Multiple Times

There seems to be an issue when first connecting to Live as a pilot to an airport being operated by a controller. When first connecting and requesting pushback it looks like nothing happens. Therefore a pilot will try again and again to request pushback until it finally works. The result is 2 or 3 pushback messages sent by the pilot which clogs up the frequency. Some people get really impatient and end up sending 10 pushback messages (I’m positive they were not trolling around). Any ideas? I’ve experienced this as a controller and as a pilot. Has anyone else seen this happen?

iPhone 5S running latest iOS, latest build

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Same thing here IPhone 6 running latest IOS and Beta

Seem to be more of a general issue rather than beta related.

This is something we talked about with @matt and are still trying to figure out the best approach. Feel free to submit your ideas.

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If you have this happen to you when you’re flying, please send me the log, thanks!


This happened to me an hour ago. Log sent.

I’m not on the beta, but I have noticed this issue as of recent. It didn’t occur when LiveATC first came out. It appears as though we are able to send the messages prior to fully connecting to the server. Next time I’ll double check, but I think I have been able to send the Pushback message prior to the xxxx Ground is Available message appearing.

I feel bad about this guy when he requested pushback 20 times but I couldn’t answer because it said he was unknown.

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