Requesting pushback and then requesting taxiing to parking

Ok, sorry for my complicate topic. Mods can edit if they need.

Sometimes i’m requesting puchback but then i need sometime irl or in the game. After my pushing back approval, may i request taxiing to parking? Does it cause a violation?🕜

I mean i need to return my gate or i can choose another gate.

This is completely fine, and to my knowledge, you should not get a violation for asking to maneuver around the airport.

Example: You forgot to fuel properly, so you taxi back to your gate to do so, or you finish a flight and want to taxi to maintenance or a parking area that’s not a gate

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Should not cause a violation, no. If you request taxi to parking ATC might get confused, and still send you to a runway, just request taxi to parking again or say “Correction, stand by” to get said controllers attention if the controller still does not understand.

If you do get reported for it contact the appeals team. This is completely fine.


Thank you so much for information🚧 to all replies.

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Rare CK777 post without El Classico


I didn’t say the place i need to do it yet💀


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