Requesting missing callsings

How does one request a missing callsign, especially because using ICAO code is no longer a thing? Having to use feature request feels over the top.

Notable examples: Edelweiss, Shanghai Airlines


That’s so true it is a little over the top

I think Cameron the developer can add callsigns to the game

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I don’t know why the callsigns left in the first place

These liveries are not currently in the game, so that’s why there is no such callsigns to go along with it, or else half of the callsign menu was filled with airlines you can’t even find a livery for

Cuz people are spelling out words…

There have always been a ton of callsigns with no livery. That’s what generic is for.


Haven’t ever noticed any callsigns that don’t have a livery for it. Would you mind sharing a few, genuinely curious

Hainan airlines


Air Transat I also believe does not have one. I could be wrong though.

That would the case, most likely because there isn’t a livery for it, and the vast majority of the community not wanting to have to fly Generic, rather than the actual livery for the airlines, is the reason as to why you won’t see that often, or at all, pilots flying an aircraft with a callsign, which does not have a livery to it in the game.

I often used to, prior to the 777 rework, fly the Generic, for one airline which hasn’t received a livery to it yet, but upon a request a few years ago, got the callsign added by Cam. The airline being Biman Bangladesh Airlines, which I know quite a few people have seen me fly to LHR with, so that’s another one to the addition of a few callsigns in IF, with no livery, unfortunately, but understandable as not many pilots would fly them if they were added, not for too long after being added.

@xsrvmy If you haven’t already, I highly recommend sending a PM to Cameron, requesting whatever callsigns you wish to see added to IF so that you can more realistically utilize the Generic Livery!


If the livery added, the developers won’t hesitate to add this call signs.

If there’s a reference topic like this one, I can refer to it when I review real-world callsigns and add any that are possible. Please don’t PM me these, I can’t keep track of them there :)

(btw, Nouvelair was added in the last update)


But it’s ok for devs and mods to do it?

We have launched a new VA the previous month!! Having said that we actually want a new callsign for VISTARA VIRTUAL as it actually exists IRL and is India’s one of the premium airline!!

I understand we are awaiting our very first livery but to identify our pilots and the uniqueness of our VA, we (Vistara Virtual - UKVA) need a callsign… 😊

Staff and mods are subject to the same callsign rules from 20.2 onwards


Important clarification to my post above: I mean real world callsigns, VA callsigns won’t be on this list, sorry :)


Ohh yes!! You are absolutely correct… But its a real world callsign (without virtual) which can be added i guess although there is no livery like any other callsigns!!

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