Requesting higher speed

Let’s say I am flying through center a long stretch of center airspace and ATC gives me a slower/faster speed. Is it possible to request to return to normal speed after the conflict ends, in case I won’t have enough fuel at the different speed, or I would run into a time conflict if I continued at the ATC instructed speed?

A better solution would be to request an altitude change. If you are receiving slower speeds, it is most likely because you are getting to close to other traffic. Request an altitude change, and once conflicts are clear, the controller can give you a “speed at your discretion”.

What if ATC forgets about me, or if there has been a controller change? Would the speed restriction apply until I leave ATC airspace completely (or I slow down for descent)

Once you leave the airspace, you are free to speed back up. As for descent, watch for conflicts yourself, and listen to ATC instructions or vectors. After all, you are in charge of maintaining IFR separation at all times.

Leaving all ATC airspace, or leaving the current ATC airspace?
(I heard several “maintain M.70 or slower” on London centre the other day which is why this makes me uncomfortable)

Leaving the active ATC airspace.

That still doesn’t answer the question…
Like if I’m going west from EGLL, and London centre gives me a speed restriction, can I speed up when I join Shannon centre if Shannon centre is active?

That’s what Thunderbolt is saying. Once in the next sector, resume your speed if no conflict exists, and absent new instruction from another controller.

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