Requesting Global update photo

Hey! I understand that this topic will be close very shortly.
I’m just creating a short video about the change in infinite flight. If anyone took a screenshot of the update (before updating) in the App/Play store. I am not asking for the changelog. It’s the global update with the update button.
Preferably App store but a Google play store one is fine.

I’ve asked numerous people already. So this was my final option

Thanks for you help!

This is the best I have. Sent the picture to you via two different group chats, one on the forum, and one on Instagram. Did you not get it?


You mean something Like this? :) Only have it in german


No I didn’t but this is awesome!!!

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3:32 AM. That is commitment lol


Haha, I had an alarm set at 1am, but didn’t get to bed until 11 that night. Overslept, woke up at 3:30, checked the AppStore, got all giddy with excitement, downloaded the update, servers didn’t work, made an omelette, went on a bike ride, came back at 6am. #tmi Oh, and sorry for all the commas ;)

@Panther, is that all you need?


If there aren’t any better ones I’ll use yours

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Here’s a better image from another device.

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Oooo! perfect! thanks!
Also thanks to everyone that helped! This topic may be closed now


You just topped it off!

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You’ve got an iPhone and iPad screenshot. Perfect! Good luck with your video, and share it with us all when you’re done!