Requesting frequency change

Hi guys,
Im on a short trip from EGLL to EGBB. After take off i was told to contact EGLL Approach which i did and was handed over to ‘Flo R aus LG’. I requested Radar Vectors to EGBB and was told unable, proceed on course to Birmingham. At this point i requested to change frequency and was told to stay on the frequency so i did. I waited till i was outside of EGLL airspace and was around 50nm from destination before requesting frequency change. I was then told to avoid sending duplicate messages. I repeated the request frequency change as i was out of EGLL airspace and needed to tune into EGBB to announce my arrival etc. I was then reported for spamming ATC. Can i get some assistance on this please?

Hi @n587kk , sorry to hear you had a had a bad ATC experience… Were you flying on the Training server?

no this was the expert server. im still on the flight but ive been reported so guessing ive been ghosted too. seems really over the top to me.

just to add ive heard the follow atc instruction or you’ll be ghosted at least a hundred times. somebody is being really harsh here.

Seeing as it’s the Expert server, I would recommend taking a screenshot of your ATC log and messaging the controller at hand, perhaps you can see what you or they did wrong.
I’m unsure as to who the controller in question is I’m afraid, perhaps someone better educated will know 🙂

yes will definitely be contact directly but just wanted to make a post to get some feedback on whether id done something wrong?

does anybody have a contact for Flo R aus LG ?

The controller has been contacted and will continue the conversation in a PM.


Thanks Chris.