Requesting for assistance (Subscription)

I already had Live for one year that is bound to expire on june 2017 on my account but it seems this morning it kept telling me that I dont have it. What is the first step to fix this?

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Restart your app, restart your device, and check your internet connection

Have you accidentally logged in with a different google account?

I just did that now i even logged out my google account it still say no subscription :(

Did you have it with that gmail?

I never logged in with any other google account cause i only got one

Log back in.

Yeah i use gmail to login to my account i already did that it doesnt work at all :(

Same thing with my apple i cant get in to my Live Subscription it says i dont have it.

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Please follow the #support guidelines next time. Thanks in advance! :)


Its taking too long i already sent a message to @david my hand is itching to fly.

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