Requesting flight following?

Can someone help me explain why requesting flight following on expert server is wrong? I’ve done it twice and the ATC tells me to check tutorials. What should I do instead of that? Thanks in advance.

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Flight following is only for VFR flight. Airliners shouldn’t be flying VFR so that could be why you got the check help pages message.

This may be worth watching

Controllers at large airports dont accept VFR flights, so use ‘Check in’ when departing an airspace, and ‘Request Approach’ when arriving into.


Could be multiple possibilities. Either you’ve checked in and then requested flight following, or requested FF when you don’t have a valid flight plan. Also see @TimShan05’s post above. To be sure, I recommend contacting the latest controller who sent you this command (whom we can help find if it was recent).


Ok thank you! I did have a flight plan going from Birmingham to Bournemouth. Before I requested it, I did check in so that may be the problem, thanks for your help

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Yes, so that would be the problem. Checking in doesn’t mean “hello” it means” I have a flight plan and want to follow it.

This is a good read

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Ok thank you very much now I understand. :)

**MaxSez; Flight Following is a VFR Procedure Only! Flight Following is not acceptable for Commercial Carriers (AirLiners) who operate in the IFR Flight regimes and NOT permitted IAW with the FAR or most particularly the AIM. Its an IFATC construct which serve no useful purpose and adds a useless procedure to Controllers work load for medium and long hall operations and instills inaccuracy in the procedural learning curve. Flight Following for IFR Operators should be discontinued forthwith.

Please god don’t check in and then request something. Request ILS/visual/gps straight away. You don’t need to check in



Ok thank you

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