Requesting Explanation Of Live Flight App


I’ve been seeing posts on different threads about the live flight app but I still don’t have a full understanding of how I can use it with infinite flight. Is there someone that can take few moments to explain? It would be greatly appreciated.

I searched the forums if this topic has been explained already kindly delete this post and refer me to where I can find the answer

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Its like Flightradar24, but Infinite Flight trafic showing.


If you want to no what the busiest Live server is, or you want to watch a friend fly. Use LiveFlight:-)

@Cameron Floor is all yours sisterrrr


Thanks for all responses however, my main question has not been answered. What is the purpose/benefit of it? Do I use it to just watch people fly or can I use it for much more.

P.S. I think iI’ll just give it a go :)

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Just to enjoying to tracking your flight or friends flights also sometimes to show you the Busiest server during your flight. I hope this answered your question .

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The most helpful thing I’ve found in LiveFlight, is finding the gate that is near(est) the active runway.
Then I can select that gate to spawn at.
Then again, many others are doing the same thing so aircraft often end up spawning inside eachother.

It also gives you a trace of your flight laid over Google maps/Google Earth I believe.

Lots of the information provided on the app is already available in IF itself (ATC Controller, active runways, active flights, etc.).

That’s my 2 cents.

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Turns out there was no need, the community is awesome and did my job for me.

@BAH242 if you have any more questions about LiveFlight, don’t hesitate to ask - we’re available on just about every platform except Android (which you can still use via the web app) :)


This is something I want to try and improve further - at the moment, traffic for the selected server is overlaid on the map so it is easy for you to “guess” if an aircraft is there. My plan is to build a small geofence around ramp starts to assume and to show if a gate is taken or not :)

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That they did. Thanks will contact you if I have further questions. Gave it a go on the web and it was very cool. I’ve been ghosted so i’m done for the day

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