Requesting Escort from EGLL to EHAM

Hi there, I am going to be flying from EGLL to EHAM in around about 30 minutes, and I would love it if 2 or 3 serious users could escort me. I would be flying the Boeing VC-25 - Air Force One.

I would love it if 3 serious users could escort me there to mimic what would happen in real life.

Please comment below if you would like to join. Can I request you escort me in the Lockheed Martin F-22.

If you’re joining, please use either of these gates at EGLL: REMOTE 561, REMOTE 563 and REMOTE 564.

It would be very much appreciated if you could join.

Copy flight plan from me when you arrive at the gate.

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instead of #live I would put it as a #live:groupflights


I just saw you flying, you passed me :D

That’s great!
What was your callsign?

Maybe we could fly together one time?

Hi! Callsign was LOT 286!
I stream flights so sure! DM me for information since I prefer group flying over solo flying

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