Requesting correct runway crossing

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Suppose you’re crossing a runway through the middle. Which of the two do you request to cross? Does it matter? At what point does a runway “change” and become one instead of the other? Is there an official measure?



You should ask crossing to the runway that is open. For example: runway 30L and 30R are open, so 12L and 12R are closed. If you cross, no matter where, you should ask runway crossing 30L or 30R, also if you are closer to 12L or 12R. If you don’t know which runway is open, you can decide for yourself.


I’ve always wondered this too, I don’t think it really matters. I always go for the active end of the runway, or what ever is closest.


Fantastic, cheers! I was unaware of that. Had always thought it was a location matter.

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As @Olivier999 said, you request to cross the runway that is open. If you land on 35L and need to cross 35R, you request 35R even if you’re halfway or further along it (ie closer to the 17L end).


Always request to cross the open runway no matter where you are.

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No problem! Have some nice days

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What if it’s a cross runway and neither end is open?

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Use common sense:

  • If the runway is not in use by ATC at all, but has a parallel that is, then use that as your guide - if ATC is using 27L for arrivals and departures, when crossing the other request for 27R even if it is not being used for any traffic.
  • If the runway is not in use at all, then best to go with assuming its ‘open’ end is the one that is green or orange (assuming the other is red).
  • If both ends are green and it has no relationship with any other runway, then choose whichever makes sense. Perhaps take your cue from any other communications you may have heard on the frequency.

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