Requesting clearance for pattern work

For the last month or so I have been practicing circuits at smaller airports using Unicom. As I now feel I am more competent I have started doing circuits at bigger airports like EGLL when more ATC is incorporated. My question is how can I request or view if pattern work is available instead of taxing to the runway and being told unable pattern work. Jack

It should say in an ATIS if active, if there’s pattern work or not in advance.

You won’t know unless there is Atis which there isn’t on the training server or casual server.

On the TS server aswell it’s at the discretion god the controller and they will do what they want, it may not be realistic but that’s just how it is. On the expert server there will be ATIS and it won’t be denied unless the weather restricts the ability to conduct these operations or there is too much traffic.


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