Requesting ATC

I know there is a thread for this already but it seems like people don’t see it until it’s too late often. I took off last night for the sole purpose of Landing with somewhere with ATC in the expert server but right now it’s not being manned and I’m 40 minutes out. Here was my post in the ATC thread…

May I please have approach and Tower at LEMD?

I am arriving in 40 minutes. It’s on the IFATC schedule but for some reason it’s not being manned.

I am in a Iberia a350

There aren’t requests to open airports on the expert server. But 40 minutes should hopefully give enough time for someone to open up LEMD. No worries. Just be patient, someone should open it up!


Controllers will open as they are able. Be sure to have a flight plan filed so they can see which airports have the demand.