Requesting ATC for TNCM (Closed)

Hey everyone. Is it possible for me to get ATC for TNCM (st. Juliana) there’s a few (4) planes approaching and it’d be nice to have everything not a hot mess.

Airport: TNCM
Server: TS1




I’m coming in in 23 minutes, everyone else is closer.

Ok I’ll be eating dinner then sorry…

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here now on APP but you guys are ignoring commands…so

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I’m not in range. Maybe everyone else is less experienced…?

well that sucks. Maybe someone else can help out then.

I have tower ready for u :)

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Thanks :) means a lot.

Follow instructions on speed. We need adequate spacing

My game just crashed. Sorry.

Where you the one I sent for a go around? It’s ok im not mad :)

Just a few things. Don’t request landing at 26nm out and obey speed requests. I sent you for a go around bcs you and your friend were to close together. As you probably know you need to back taxi runway 28 to taxi to gate so you need lots of spacing. Otherwise not to bad 👍


Request landing at 5-4nm out of the runway