Requesting ATC for KEGE

Hey everyone! Today, I will be showing my mom Infinite Flight, and we will be landing at KEGE after taking off of our local airport, KLMO. We will land in approx 40 minutes from now in a Cessna Citation X call sign EMB-TEST. Ciao!

-Captain Pie

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Server? That may be a help.

If it is on TS-1, someone may control


TS1 for now

Ok well I opened for you now.

Okay, well be there in 40 ish minutes. Thanks again.

It’s ok. I have enough time to open.

Okey-dokey were about 103 NM out, going to descend at 50 NM.

What did you mean by please check forum?

Because when turning off a runway after landing you hold after the hold short line then ask for parking not taxi halfway to your parking then ask for taxing to parking.


I think he means you should watch some tutorial here on the forum πŸ˜‚