Requesting ATC at OMDB (Finished)

I would like to request live ATC at OMDB in two hours 24min if possible. Training Server

2 hours 24 minutes? Erm, that’s kinda exact…


I think he means in 2 hours for 24 minutes. I wish I could help you man, but I’ll be sleeping.

Don’t worry, OMDB usually has ATC on TS-1


I mean… You could read the post to find out

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Thanks To all for responding to my request. I really love this Sim. My Callsign is MASCHINE.

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Its a good think youre not requesting EGLL and KLAX lol. That’s a death sentence waiting to happen. Your brain will overheat from frustration the controller will seriously consider to quit. Anyways, how about in a couple, hours

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That will be great. 2hrs and 1min to ETA at OMDB.

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So far so good.

Alright ETE 2 hours and 1 minute lol


1hr to ETD at OMDB airport.

Ok no problem, no rush

I landed with no issues and followed all the ATC commands. You may now close this thread.

Hey! Make it clear in your thread title if you do not need the ATC Service anymore, just to avoid confusion!

Oops. Sorry. I will edit.

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Hey Man!

Just a quick update…

Next time you need ATC try posting it in this thread:

This will hopefully clear the clutter in the ATC Category.

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Thank you very much. I will begin to use this thread ASAP. I’m almost grade 3 and really need some good ATC commands to follow before I experience expert server.


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