Requesting approach on departure frequency

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I was wondering why on the departure frequency some people request an approach at a certain runway at their destination airport. I mean, the departure controller doesn’t really care what runway you’re going to land on at your destination that’s on the other side of the world. What are the steps you have to do when you first contact departure?

If you have a valid flight plan a Check in is all that is required. If ATC needs to move you they will.


It’s not the job of Departure ATC to vector you to your destination airport.

Departure ATC guides the flow of outbound traffic, to ensure it doesn’t clash (with inbound traffic). When you have a flight plan (and of course you do!) you can report in two ways:

  1. Check in (With you). ATC will report with Radar Contact. He sees you and keeps an eye on you. You may receive vectors, you may not.
  2. Request flight following to destination airport. You will receive permission to continue to your destination airport. ATC sees you and keeps an eye on you. Depending on the situation, you may receive vectors, or you may not.

Don’t request altitude, as you are in flight following mode. Watch your radar and continue your flight.

Don’t Check in (with you) and then request flight following. This is not needed, and it’s extra work for the radar controller.

Just continue your flight. When you leave the Departure controller airspace, you will be authorised to change frequency. Please do so.


@azeeuwnl hits the nail on the head. to answere the initial question, the reason WHY some people request it is because the of the limited options that we have on the ATC menu as well as a pilot not always know the correct procedures. I use the “Check in” option when approriate as yes, taking off from DBX they are unlikely to give me vectors to 35L at YSSY…

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