Requesting and sending traffic advisories question

Hi IFC! I got a question…

It says here that the rules are:

4: Send Traffic Advisory

This one is one that not as well known by people but really easy to use and understand. So when people are in the air they have the option to request traffic advisory. That means they would like to know from the people doing pattern work what runway they are using and are they doing left or right pattern. So you could say “Glasgow Unicom Is Using Runway 23, Left Traffic." That lets pilots know you are using runway 23" and doing some left traffic patterns. This should only be used when requested by other pilots as it is easy abused. To send this click on Send Traffic Advisories > click on your runway > then click on left or right traffic.

So just now I was the only aircraft on the ground pushing back in an uncontrolled airport on expert server, another plane was inbound and asks for traffic advisories. But since I’m still on the ground and not even planning on doing any pattern work (as Guide #4 says above) I just ignored it and might as well continue messaging unicom that I’m on my way to Rwy 25R.

But then the request kept on coming, for a total of 10 times, I counted it.

Question: Am I missing anything here, have I done the right thing or should I have responded anyway?

Thanks guys, cheers!

Was it clear based on winds which runway(s) was in use? Traffic advisories don’t have to be for pattern work exclusively—hence the name “traffic;” they can also be used to dictate which runway(s) pilots are using to depart, arrive, taxi to, etc. Someone who is requesting a traffic advisory is basically requesting information on how the airport’s traffic is flowing. In this case, it sounds like that pilot was just spamming the frequency, but you can still always advise of the “runway in use.”

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Ah I see, no the winds weren’t being clear at the time and when I finally sure of the right runway and changed my flight plan, I checked to look at any inbounds but couldn’t find the plane that requested it in both the map and liveflightapp.

But thank you for your prompt and clear help in understanding this, now I know that it could be used to communicate to help other pilots in any circumstances, not just within #4’s constraints - I think this is solved!

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While we’re here, where did you find this explanation?

I typed in “sending traffic advisories” in the IFC search bar and it took me


Using & Understanding Unicom Tutorial

There were several results too and it always directed me there

Ah, ok. I just want to clarify that the excerpt you provided from that topic is not a rule. I’ll see if we can get something added to the Flying Guide that discusses Unicom and clarifies the proper usage of certain message such as this one.

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That’d be great! I’m still learning the comms as I’ll have more free time soon to join the VA’s hopefully. Even went so far as to re-format the ATC tutorials to make a printed hand book! So, it’ll be nice if I don’t have to print twice😁 (You know, like when pilots have problems in the sky they open up their troubleshooting manual in the cockpit, well for me it’s the “please check ATC tutorial” dread during mid flight lol - nice to have a physical guide book with handy tabs to quickly check on the required page in an instant)

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