Requesting an approach…

Hey guys, Just throwing this out there, I am a cargo pilot, when I file my flight plans I will “request a specific approach” for a reason…. I do not wish to clog up the airport taxiways and spend 45 min taxing across LFPG or any other airport, when it’s specifically designed to keep cargo and commercial traffic apart and easier access in and out of an airport…. If I request 08R and have my aircraft configured for 08R AND you are landing aircraft at 08R…. Why would you vector me to 09R? Why would you do that? Some of us do know or at least attempt to know what we are doing, I’m trying to make my arrival and departure as swift and painless as possible, I’ll probably get blasted about how this is not in the right place, well I think it is….because ALL atc should please be just as respectable as you demand us to be to you! It goes both ways! Thank you, Dude

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If this was expert server, we always try to give you the runway in your flight plan. There are 2 reasons why we wouldn’t: 1. There are too many planes on that runway and we can’t fit you in. 2. your flight plan does not have a landing runway filed. Looks like you experienced number 1. IFATC controllers are training and we know what we are doing, they didn’t just put you on 9R for no reason.


since common sense kicked in, it’s been the happenin thing ever since…

well, there was 1 aircraft ahead of me, and i was well far enough back, sooo Ive been having difficulty recently with ATC at LFPG… its ok, I will just avoid it like the black plague!! i ended up all over some neighborhood in Paris… no biggie, lost flight. ouch

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