Requesting airports to Airport Editors

Hello everyone! As an airport editor, we all know what you want. You want airports from all over the world. Many people come up and ask to do a certain airport such as: “Please do all airports in Africa” or “Great job, can you do [Insert ICAO or Airport name here] next? Thanks!”

We all understand that you want to see this airport being done, but it takes time and effort to make these airports, big or small, us airport editors take our dedication and time to create the airports you want to see.

If you would like to see if the airport you want is completed, you can visit here and search there for airports that are edited:

Thanks, and have a good day.

now to get working on KCON…


Happy Joy! The airport I wanted is already edited!

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Sorry, Daniel, Kilt says no airport editors should be linking the github repository link anymore. He doesn’t want non-editors requesting airports there and messing with the organization of the library.

Respectfully. :)

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Oh, ok, I will remove it.

Thanks for understanding.

You can post this link instead as per Kilt’s request:


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