Requesting a specific gate

Hello! So I was in Cape Town just now, and for realism purposes, KLM always takes Gate A3 (at the far end). I wanted to park at the said gate, but with the way CPT is structured, that’s honestly near-impossible. Is there a way to let ATC know which gate you want, so our wonderful IFATC controllers can coordinate appropriately?


not that I’m aware of. When you land, you just have to hope the gate is available. If it isn’t, then you just have to go somewhere else.

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Unfortunately, like @JMacMcd said before me, there is no such thing yet.
One thing you might be able to do is to PM the controller here on the IFC or on Discord. Do note that the possibility exists that they can’t or won’t respond as they’re controlling.

Hoping to have informed you enough!


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