Requested Special Liveries

Ok that’s fine

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KLM´s 737-800 retro livery.

If you’ve got any special liveries in mind, please tell me!

You forgot the JetBlue Flyfi livery and The directv one

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Yasssss. 😍 The FlyFi livery is obviously my favorite livery. 🙌


Made the request a while ago. ;)

we need qantas retro roo 2 aswell you realise

also, for all those australian peeps out there, i forgot what the name of the qantas 747-400 with a special aboriginal livery kept at avalon airport (AVV, YMAV) I think it is Wunala Dreaming I’m not sure. please help me

It’s Wunala Dreaming or Mendoowoorji. Nalanji Dreaming is now retired.

i forgot about mendoowoorji
i just got a photo, yes it is Nalanji dreaming

Wow, no way! They still have it?
"Ferried Sydney (Kingsford Smith) - Melbourne (Avalon) as QF6195 for long term storage - February 01, 2005

Cancelled from the Australian Aircraft Register - May 01, 2008

Currently derelict at Melbourne (Avalon), Victoria minus engines and many parts

Aircraft is in basic blue fuselage livery with red tail

Observed stored at Avalon with major parts missing - September 30, 2010

Derelict at Avalon Airport - 2012

Remains stored at Melbourne (Avalon) and used for security training and movie prop - January 2015"

i don’t think so. it is still a beautiful livery to look at and to fly for that matter. oh well.

Yes they do indeed! But so sad seeing it in its current state

right now i think it is in an “avalon airport” livery

These 2 are mine

This one was created by @Joseph_Spinner


that is not in it’s current state right now, how do i know?
well YMAV is my hometown airport

Oh yes, it looks that way

that is alot of copa airlines special liveries. i don’t think the star alliance livery actually counts as a special one though

She’s been in the hangar for filming

yes that’s right. when i first saw it from the highway i thought it was a saudi arabian plane.

Yes it does