Request Visual Approach Command

This will make global more realistic.

Love the idea, but I’m out of votes. This is my first next vote when they up the total count.

Obviously the reciprocal ‘cleared for the visual approach’ and also ‘report runway in sight’ commands are needed for approach.


EDIT: found a duplicate

Won’t that be…


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Please add more than one sentence to your post, and this is a duplicate, so please search before posting. :)

Edit: I wouldn’t mind keeping this one over the duplicate since it is fairly old. But this definitely needs more detail than one short sentence.


Closed this one and the other one (necroposting). Please remember to add substance to topics. Add information about visual approaches, your suggestion on how it should be implemented, etc. Don’t just make feature requests to make them. :)


P.S. If anyone wants to create a new topic about this, with more substance, feel free to.