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I read in the manual that the ‘range’ circles are not actually indicative of the airspace around an airport (in Infinite Flight at least); it states that a tower’s airpace extendeds only 5nm out and 5000AAL, but class B airspace has circles that extend more than 12 nm out and go up to 8000ft AAL. here’s a hypothetical:
KBOI is at 0 ft (sea level), class B airspace. I’m 7000ft AAL(FL070), 250IAS, going between B and C circle (10 mn out)…do I still need to request transition from KBOI’s tower (I’m just passing through)?


I know someone will link in the IF rules of airspace. Follow that instead of the complicated real world stuff.

10k AGL and 25nm for tower and 18k 50nm for approach

Bro I began with stating what it says in the manual…

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that’s for a landing

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I think you answered your own question, towers airspace is indeed 5nm radius and 5000ft AGL so you would not need to request a transition if you were 10nm away and 7000ft AGL

No harm doing it to let the ATC know what you are doing though

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Regarding communication would be nice, but if you see that it is a busy airport I would just fly. Same for pilots who are flying FL240, they are not oblige to request transition, since they are way above the AAL.

Also, if you have a flight plan I wouldn’t even bother to send you a guard message if I was controller.

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Please dont do that. That’s when you receive the check tutorials message. If you are not inbound to that airport, above the tower’s airspace and not in conflict with nearby traffic, you can proceed without contacting tower.


To directly, answer your question: no, you do not need to request transition because you are not in the airspace nor intend to enter it.

However, as @Menthesuphisth and @AceCorba put it, it doesn’t hurt to create a dialogue with ATC. However, I would only request transition if (1) you are flying VFR with no flight plan filed; (2) you are only one or two thousand feet over the top of the airspace, and (3) the specified airspace is not busy.

Again, it is not required. And yes, some ATC may give you the “Check Tutorials” Messages as @Zuhair.Mazhar mentioned, but I wouldn’t if I were controlling. I think the most important factor is the first one i mentioned. If you have a flight plan filed, I will immediately see that you are just passing through and there is no need whatsoever to request transition.

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In IF we keep it simple and we don’t use the circles to determine the altitude of the airspace. As you found in the ATC manual, Tower airspace extends to 5000 feet AGL.

See also this old, but still valid tutorial

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I once requested transition while at 4900ft heading into KLAX airspace en-route to KNUC. Tower cleared me for transition at or above 3500ft then told me to contact the approach ATC. When i was switched over i simply just checked in, thinking it’d make them aware i was simply just transitioning through their airspace. Even a post somewhere where it says what checking in is for and i was within the bounds of that. Ended up being ghosted (and it stood) for spamming the frequency with that single check in message. So be careful dude, think it just depends on which ATC it is and their mood sometimes.

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It wouldn’t matter because we don’t control based on our mood. That would be a disaster.

Most likely you weren’t using check-in correctly. In fact, you don’t even have to use check-in and rather just ask for approach into KNUC.

I think the first point is highly debatable but also irrelevant to this post - to the point we have to go in to it in that much detail, so i say we just leave that there as a difference in opinion maybe.

The ATC was on approach at KLAX. Would i be required to request approach from them for KNUC? Also reason i got ghosted for spamming was because the controller had a lot of traffic to deal with, something along the lines of that, so i don’t think they would have had any interest in giving me approach instructions for KNUC.

Can pop me over a private message to discuss that particular incident in more detail if you wish, don’t want either of us to spam this post now.

Just a heads up for @Ryan_Veyr to go with whatever is in black and white from a reputable source on the forum if possible, as a fall back in case everything doesn’t go as planned in the real IF world.

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  1. The class of airspace is irrelevant. It’s a 5nm radius and 5000ft AAL at every airport on Infinite Flight.
  2. If the airfield elevation is 0ft, and you intend to fly at 7000ft AGL within 5nm of the airport, then no, you are above the airport’s airspace.
  3. If you intend to maintain 10nm of seperation from you and the airport, you are not in the airport’s airspace either.
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