Request Transition

As a pilot you can transmit “request transition” what does that mean

Here you go. This should help.


Youre requesting transit through controlled airspace. Airfields have upperlimits that rhe controlled referred to as CTA or CTZs.

You would have to be fairly low level to require the request.

Edit: see above for full explanation.

But still what is a transition

Its a flight through an airfields airspace…

Request Transition=Asking permission to fly over an airport with ATC if you’re flying below 5,000ft.

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Which was in the link provided above, if you feel like taking a glance at it.


So u can’t request if ur flying high above at like 34,000

There’s no need to at that altitude.

No, because you aren’t in the airspace.

Oh ok thank you guys all

You request for a transition when you are below 5000 feet and flying through an active airspace, but you are not landing at that airport. You could be descending to another nearby airport, or you could’ve just taken off from a nearby airport and you are going to fly through the active airspace.

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