Request to transfer IFATLB Info with IFC voter input

First of all and as usual, you mods please move this to wherever it needs to be…Now, l am requesting herewith that the devs clone all the equivalent info from the All Time Leaderboard stats, or as l truncate it in an acronym (IFATLB) either to a real time or delayed basis on a web link similar to the IF pilot page stats, so it is much easier to access for both newbies and intermediate level members…since l doubt if a lot of the members even really know about it or else bother about checking it regularly, not to mention the fact that it is not always easy to access on some phones and tablet devices without a modicum of considerable patience, particularly for older devices, however it gives a lot of important daily, weekly, and monthly, and all time info as to the most active members of IF, for those of us who prefer to rely on it either on a regular or semi regular basis, but which currently can only be directly accessed from the app almost only with some magic tricks…by loading and reloading the data until it finally shows up, or not, depending on how much free mem is available on your device… do not know about IOS but on my android devices… it is much better in the long run before starting IF to engage an app killer prog to clear the most usable mem space, so IF runs a little more smoothly…at least as far as l am concerned, anyway along with this request, l am asking that someone set up a voter survey for the members to reply to and if there is a significant number who also agree with me, that it could be submitted as corroborating evidence as to the necessity of the request ASAP…as always any contributory comments or opinions in either direction are welcomed from the IFC…

There is a leader board directly on Infinite Flight. More people play IF than are on the IFC. This means that this is actually more reliable for newbies that don’t have access to the IFC

Maybe add some paragraphs to the post, and explain a bit more. It was quite hard to read:)


🤕 My head hurts after trying to decipher what you were trying to say. But anyways, I think I get what your trying to bring up… the leaderboards are not user friendly? I think that’s what you’re trying to say. I don’t know about the rest of the community but I think the leaderboards are nonessential. They could be removed and I would fine with it. Not sure what your trying to look for on the leaderboards, but if you are not in the top 20 people or so your name isn’t going to be up there. In the end it’s useless if you aren’t a “farmer”. 👨🏼‍🌾

But like Pilotmaster said, please work on the formatting of your next post to help us better understand your thread a little better. It helps everyone out. 😉


First and foremost, like the other two have mentioned, formatting will go a long way to improving the readability of your post. Might want to fix that before Philippe gets a hold of this; he is notorious for randomly doing that.

Second, since this is a feature request, I have moved it to #features. Now correct me if I’m wrong: you want the devs to improve upon user friendliness for the leaderboards? Also have it moved to a web page that displays the stats in real time?


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