Request to departure

Hello everyone … Question (If I want to takeoff and the runway is heading east and I also want the direction to the east … In your opinion, what will the request be from the control tower? Is it departure to the east or departure straight out ?

If you will be traveling runway heading after departure, I would put straight out

I would say it should be straight out

Dang, @Drummer got some quick trumping skills

The direction of the runway as well as the direction of the flight are all east ?

You say straight out ?

Hey! Adding on to what @Drummer explained, the leftern highlight would be a “straight out” departure (flying runway heading down the cone), while the highlight on the right would be a Southern departure (flying a different heading to depart east).

That is correct

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Thank you 🌹

Not like this , but thanks for explain that 🌹

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