Request to appeal again for the same flight

Hi all

I have requested the resumption of a trip I took and I received a second level violation for it. Can I request the appeal again?

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Feel free to add @appeals to PM and they will help you to appeal the violation.

Yes, you can request appeal again with different of time you get the violation.

DM @appeals to have them look at your violation.

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The flight was checked by a member, say the violation was caused by my failure to maintain altitude. What happened is as follows:
ATC : says keep 4,000 feet,
PILOT : Roger
ATC : Expect Vectors John F kennedy’s visible 31R approach.
PILOT: Roger
ATC: Take Prohibited Violation Level 2 Thank you have a Good day.

Hello there, the decisions made by the Appeals team is final, and can no longer be disputed. If you are looking to appeal a violation that was previously appealed unsuccessfully, the appeals team will not look into the violation, and the previous verdict will stand.

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If the remark made by one of the members who checked the flight was not the reason for the ban and was not convincing, what should we do?

I don’t understand what you’re saying.

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A member of the appeal wrote down the reason for the ban. The remark he made was not the reason for the ban, so what should we do?

If a member of the Appeals team has not reversed the violation, the appeal was rejected, and you don’t have to do anything now.

Then now he answered me with another remark.

You already have an open message with appeals. No reason for a topic or anything else on top of the open message you already have going.