Request taxi to parking before or after crossing runway?

I was on expert server at LAX moments ago, landed on runway 25L, and the controller told me to
“when able turn contact ground on the taxiway”. I requested to cross runway 25R, and then controller said “please follow instructions”. So I requested taxi to parking before crossing the runway, and then he said taxi to parking, cross runway 25R. This is the first time I encountered this, because everytime I ask the tower "request runway crossing’, and then when I’m finished crossing, I request taxi to parking. And I’ve had no problems with that with other controllers. I’m just wondering why the controller said “please follow instructions” and usually I would expect to request runway crossing, then request taxi to parking.

note-- I always fly on expert server :)


After you cross the hold short line, you are supposed to stop. But ATC will try to keep you rolling.


Yeah, I stopped, and requested runway crossing, but then he said please follow instructions

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ATC is supposed to clear you for the runway crossing first, then tell you to taxi to parking.
Did the exit runway command also include “hold short 25R” or “cross 25R”?

Did the controller tell you to cross the runway in the same command as the exit runway command? If so, this might explain it.

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Sometimes tower and ground have different controllers and by prior arrangements one or the other may be handling crossings.

are you sure the ATC said just this:

They may have said exit runway, cross runway 25R, then contact ground. Or they could’ve said hold short of 25R, in which you hold short and stay on tower until they clear you to cross.


Please check your replay. Most of the time pilots are told to exit and cross in a single command. A screen shot of your log would eliminate any confusion and help us to take the next step


Checked my replay and Controller said, “exit runway when able, contact ground on the taxiway”. That’s it

Don’t know why he didn’t say to exit runway, cross runway, and contact ground in a single command

One sec, I’m uploading the screenshot

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You requested a runway crossing while on ground’s frequency, correct? I know there’s an option to request a crossing on tower as well, so it’s important to ensure that those weren’t mixed up.

Ok, my callsign was “Delta 309”

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No, I requested runway crossing on tower frequency

The reason why Tower said “please follow instructions” was because they wanted you to tune to ground first, then request a runway crossing.


Oh ok. Previously on expert server, I always requested runway crossing on tower frequency, and no one ever said to “please follow instructions”

Follow the command as issued. Exit runway and contact ground means just that. Exit until past the hold short line and then contact ground.

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Ok, I just wanted to bring this up cause it was the first time it happened to me. And I always thought ground is when you exit all the runways. (I mean contacting ground)

No, unless it says something else in the command, always contact ground as soon as you’re clear of the runway. Ground will sometimes tell you to contact tower if tower is handling specific runway crossings, but that’s not always true, Bottom line, contact ground first (unless told otherwise) and you’ll be good to go. :)


Ok thanks for the clarification @TaipeiGuru and everyone else!

Understood now :)

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