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I love this game it has all my favorite planes and places. I just have one request. Can you make your landing lights a lot brighter and the logo of the plane to turn on? I would greatly appreciate it
Also, make the strobe and navigate lights a lot brighter

Hello welcome to the community. There are many topics here for you to vote on and hope that they make it in the game. Please vote for the logo lights topic here

Here is a topic for brighter landing/taxi lights:

Here is one for brighter strobe lights

And here for brighter nav lights:

Once again welcome to the community we hope you enjoy your time here!!


Hi @Matthew_Fisher , foremost, welcome to the community, great to have you here.

Secondly, we have the #features category where people can request and vote for things they want to be in the simulator. Requests for logo and taxi lights already exist, so I’ll link them so you can go vote for them:

Once again, great to have you on the community and hope to see you around 🙂


Welcome to the community!

Feel free to take a look at the #features threads above. When you become Trust-Level 1, you will be able to vote for these features. The more votes a topic receives, the more staff can see what the community wants added.

Keep contributing positively, and you will be there in no time!