Request Support (Transfer subscription to another Acc)

Hello Everyone,

It has been some time since i have been active here on infinite flight, An i just recently purchased a pro subscription to acces live as i wish to provide some ATC coverage again.
Tho i have mistakenly signed into the wrong account upon purchase of live/pro, Is it possible to transfer active subscription to the Account where i have access to pro server ATC having already completed theory an prac test’s some time ago. Thank you for reading

-IFFG- switchinzski,


As far as I know, it’s not. However, a moderator or staff might be able to do this. Basically, I don’t know, but I will try and find someone that does.


Contact Tyler Shelton. He will be able to transfer your account for you. He did it to my account once.

Yeah. Any staff member would be who I would go with. Go ahead and PM @Tyler_Shelton


Hey guys I appreciate your answers, Tho being new here to the forum i don’t think i can PM anybody yet.


Oh, that’s right. *Facepalm at myself. XD

I have created a PM with Tyler and included you in it. Then Tyler can remove me from the PM (I hope he can) and help you with your issue.

Here is what you need to present to Tyler when you talk to him:

  • Your full user display name
  • Last known callsign
  • Email address that the subscription receipt was sent to.

I hope I didn’t break any rules doing this. XD

Thank you Bigbert10 for your help,