Request/Suggestion: A Kafka topic or a subscribable stream for IF events

Events can be anything the team considers plausible, like aircraft spawn ifatc spawn, server restart and anything in between.

Use cases: Super precise real time maps, live feed on IFATC activity, custom notifications in discord servers about live events i.e. if >20 people spawn in somewhere, we can push a message or announcement about a rush, etc.

Suggestions or opinions on this please

We’ve considered this in the past (either as a stream or http webhooks) but have had to wait until our cloud tech has matured a bit to implement properly. We’re working on some more improvements in this area so it’s definitely something we can look into for the future.

Thanks for the cool suggestion!

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Yeah that makes sense. The way i thought it could work, webhooks didn’t make much sense as without any filters, during peak hours, behaviour might be erratic. But I’m not aware of your infrastructure and architecture, you’d know best.

Thanks for considering the suggestion and it’s awesome that you guys are looking for ways to favour third party connections more

This would be so much fun to implement - can you add it on Trello so I don’t forget?

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With pleasure

Added it: Trello

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