"Request runway change" denied

I think we should have a denied command for request for runway change the only answer to this request is pattern instructions and if you have to give the same pattern instructions for the runway you already told them to go to it eats up a lot of time


Agreed! Great Idea!

Yess!! I also agree :)

To any aircraft coming to your airport, regardless it tuned in to Tower or not, you should be able to send not only warning message also able to send “Denied permission to land X runway” message. If they don’t listen they should get violation upon landing.

That’s interesting, I never knew that! From pilot perspective, I sometimes use the change runway request in hopes of changing pattern direction. Sometimes there are conflicts with neighboring airport patterns and/or terrain that controllers don’t take into consideration.

In addition to denying the runway change request, is there a better way to request a change in pattern direction? Maybe it’s already there and I’ve been missing it. Thanks

What do you mean pattern direction and just use unable if that situation arises then the controller should double check themselves for other traffic or terrain

Make right/left traffic… Unable is not always a selectable response. Usually for touch and goes they clear you to a runway with the option and a traffic direction. All you can do is acknowledge. Even if you see a conflict brewing, all you can do is go around and try a different request.

The change runway request is the only request that I have found that provides a chance of changing the traffic direction, but it doesn’t work all the time. Sometimes on airports with parallel runways they change runways for you, but not the traffic direction.

Does that make sense? Have I been doing this wrong?

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Yes that does make sense but if you feel your unable to complete their directions in a safe manner unable would be the proper response. I do know that term gets used to much when people just don’t want to comply though.

Yes, I agree. I think right now unable is only an option for direct altitude and direction change commands, but don’t quote me on that! I’m going to take a look at that next time I’m playing. Thanks for the help.

((I wish there was a subset menu of unable to elaborate briefly on why the pilot is unable. I bet there are only a handful of use cases) Unable probably needs it’s own thread))

It’s also used for what you are describing its just abused in the playground

We don’t have a Delta Skyteam yet if would plz thatin that would be sweet I’m a Delta lover I think it would be awesome if we have numberson the runways btw