Request Progressive Taxi Intructions

Before I get started, for those people who go searching for similar topics to tell the mod it’s a repeat, this idea is much different, so hang on for just a little bit please!

So how many times have you been stuck in a traffic jam, usually at mid-sized airports, in which there may be limited taxiways to and from a runway? There are times when it’s hard to figure out what to do when in a huge jam. I remember there was one time another plane and I had both gone to cross the same runway, but in different directions, as I was trying to park and he was taxing to the runway on the single taxiway. In this instance, the ATC took a little while to notice. This is where it would’ve been helpful to give the controller a quick shout, to get his attention and clear the jam before it gets worse.


Yes, that is true, however others who have requested it requested for realism, or to help new players. However many of these posts were shut down, as there is clearly no way for every single aircraft tp request step by step instructions, without alpha bravo Charlie… taxiway labels. However in this post, I suggest it be created for ONLY TRAFIC JAMS, to quickly get the controllers attention. NOT FOR REALISM/FUN. Therefore the purpose of this idea is completely different.

As stated above, this would be for traffic jams only. If a player askes for progressive taxi instructions without needing help out of a jam, they would first receive a warning. If the player requests for instructions again, without a need for them, this would be enforceable by ghosting.

it could work but…idk to much if u want u could explain to me a lil more but if it gets added I wouldn’t be upset

So, your in a traffic jam, and you can quickly send a message to tower to get their attention to help you guys out

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oh it could be nice but we as IF pilots should have more ways of communication wit IFATC anyway but i’ll pm on that if u care about what I think on that :)

@bcc.123 the Idea could come useful!

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Thank you!

I don’t know if this would be good for the controllers, if they’re that busy they don’t really have time to deal with that kind of situation, and it’s the pilot’s job to avoid a nose-to-nose situation.

It is kind of their job though… Maybe not nose but generally speaking

Right, but that doesn’t mean this would necessarily help. I think this would be good for select situations but it’s rather obscure.

@Lucas_Brien and @bcc.123 the best way for us to even know or have a clue is to pm on of the IFATC members and ask what do they think of this idea?

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So is low fuel but it’s there😁

To be honest, it is kind of our job (as IFATC) to prevent these situations in the first place. We’re required to be aware of aircraft at all times, and prevent collisions when necessary.

Sometimes though, when it’s super busy and we can’t give as much attention to ground movements as we can, these situations will occur. The controller will probably see the “nose to nose” conflict eventually, but it could be useful to have the pilot point it out beforehand when the airport gets busy.

All in all, I think it depends on the situation. While I can think of some instances in which this would be useful, ultimately it’s up to the pilot and controller to ensure that this doesn’t happen.


But that doesn’t mean it should be there. I’ve seen it abused.

Or we tag some… @JoshFly8 @Adam_Williams @Solocup @Tyler_Shelton

True, but if it helps just one person, then I say it’s worth it.

I believe he is requesting it solely for traffic jams, and not for the sake of realism like the other feature request.

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Respectfully, did you not notice the whole paragraph in big bold letters where I pointed out how the purpose as to how the new button would be used would be different from that shown in that other post?

Yes thank you

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Ok it’s an idea, but there are some problems with it.

What if you’re in an airport with one taxiway? How would that work? You would request progressive taxi in a jam but how would atc move you out? Into the runway?

We have a “make a 180° turn” command. This will almost always work unless the aircraft in question is too large to make a 180 on the taxiway.

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