Request/Poll for ATC Rework/New Commands

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1-Tower-ATC and Approach-ATC Internal Communication.
-Issue: Neither of the Tower or Approach know whether the airplane is on any frequencies. They would either keep sending “On-Guard” messages while the poor pilot is already on the other frequency, or they just leave him unattended under wrong assumptions.
-Solution1: Add the ATC frequency to the pop-up window. So, when Tower/Approach click on the airplane, they can see if he is on any other frequencies.
-Solution2: Add new colors to airplanes when connected to specific ATC Operators. Maybe Yellow for Tower, and Green for Approach.

2-Tower-ATC and Ground-ATC Internal Communication.

-Issue: Even though the Tower has picked specific runways for take-off/landing, the Ground keeps directing the departures to another runway or the other end of the runways that you do not confirm of. Same goes with when the approach sends arrivals to a runway you do not clarify.
-Solution1: The Tower-ATC operator click on the open end of the active runway (that he/she has picked), and that runway end’s color change into a Blue color, or an extra note can appear next to that runway end, say “Active”.
-Solution2: When we click on the airport icon, in the Runways section of the pop-up window, e can see the active runways as the ATC-Tower has picked.

2-Airport CCTV. (Predefined Camera Positions for Airports/Runways)
-Issue: the available camera options as ATC operator are great, yet when dealing with airports with multiple runways and runway crossings, especially also when runways are too far away, the Tower/ATC camera options would fall short. The situation gets worse in heavy fog/bad weather, as the Tower and ATC cameras wont show anything at the runways because of the heavy fog. The Free Camera option falls short right now because If there are airplanes landing at different runways and there are runway crossings, there is not enough time to put the camera back and forth in different loacations to see what is going on.
-Solution1: Enabling the ATC operator to click on any runway ends or any runway crossings to quickly put/pin his camera there.
-Solution2: The Option of Multiple Windows for Free Camera, so We can see 2 or 3 or 4 views from different places that we have placed/assigned the free camera to.


  • If you see other issues to be addressed, please post a comment and I will add them to the poll’s header.

For problem #1, your solution #1 already exists, it’s just that some TS1 controllers either don’t know about it or don’t care to use it. Click on the plane, then ‘Show more information’ then all their info pops up including display name, callsign, aircraft, frequency tuned into, as well as their flight plan.
Its frustrating when you get the ignorant controller on guarding you, though. Basically, tower has to trust that approach will vector them to the right runway, and approach needs to know when it’s appropriate to hand them off to tower.
Which leads to your second issue…
Maybe you could somehow lock the approach frequency if you want to be tower and have complete control of your airspace.?
The multiple camera views is a cool idea.

This is something constantly being discussed within IFATC. And as mentioned above, some of the functions already exists.