Request Navigational Fixes: ILS/Waypoints/VORs

If you like to fly realistically (following real-world flight plans), you may have noticed that Infinite Flight’s navigational data isn’t exactly up-to-date. In case you didn’t already know, there are a few people that are dedicated to editing and adding navigational data in Infinite Flight. This includes everything you see (and don’t see) on the map, including ILS positioning, airways, fixes/waypoints, VOR’s, etc…

If you like to follow real-world approach charts and notice that any of these navigational aids are missing or out of position, feel free to make a feature request in #features! Please write what STAR/SID or other chart the fix(es) belong to. It makes it a lot easier for editors to quickly find and fix/add! For example:

“Please add the CAMRN4 arrival at KJFK!”

That lets editors know that the CAMRN4 arrival belongs to JFK in New York, and we can find a chart like this in less than a minute (through, or from @Sturmovik’s topic, for example) and add/correct every waypoint, VOR, and whatever else is in that chart:

Feel free to tag any of the editors in your feature request:


Prepare for the fix spam :)


Hi Sean! Please Add ILS At John Wayne on the Southern California Map.

Adding to the issues list :)

Please make separate feature requests so we can easily keep track

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SLI VOR is missing in SoCal!


Guys, please make a request in Features.


I wonder why doesn’t IF use NaviGraph or at least something reliable…

Anyways, we should post each issue under an individual region…


Because we would have to pay for AIRAC cycles, and I don’t believe their data can be redistributed

Well someone could ask them?

According to Cameron, we would be redistributing the data on a commercial basis (by adding it to Infinite Flight and making it available to all IF users), so it’s not a case of buying some cycles. It would get expensive with commercial licensing.

This is still available if anyone wants. Just request it and we’ll get around to it

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And don’t forget to give the coordinates of the waypoints. It’ll be much easier to fix.

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I think an exception to the “one picture per feature” could be done here. It will be easier to fix (IMO) if someone uploads both an image of the chart indicating the missing waypoints, and an image of where should they be.

Or just find the waypoints on flightaware or etc. (reliable source) and we can use that too


@Sturmovik found any?

Haven’t been searching for them. I’ll try later.

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I’ve found a at least five airway divisions that are missing VORs in Amsterdam. I’ll look them up now and try to give you the info later.

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Keep em coming

Bumping this because I’ve experienced many missing waypoints in Global, making realistic arrivals and departures a little tough. An example of this would be the TOPMM2 departure out of KLGB:


Most of the waypoints in this chart are not in IF (ex. OMMAA, AAYJY, QMARY), and therefore this departure would be difficult to perform. I would love for there to be a revitalized issue list in which coders can add these in, and as a result could lead to more realism in IF!

Edit: I have looked and seen that there are other similar topics to this, but they concern the old regions or a single missing waypoint. This topic is about any and all waypoints absent from IF.