[Request] IFVARB Active VA Reservations Thread


Im requesting if an ifvarb admin could make a thread showing active VA Reservations, just like the IFVARB database, showing the logo and description part.

We already have a list of it but I’m not sure that people will want to join just by the name.

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I mean a thread just like an IFVARB Database.

Thanks for sharing that, i guess it would have just been easier to copy that😂😂

Do we need a thread for that though when there is already a sheet that pretty much tells you everything you need to know? (Posted by @Balloonchaser)

If there are pictures and descriptions isn’t it practically an advertisement? May as well wait until IFVARB approved and advertise to your hearts content.

All VAs post a thread once approved which advertises, pilots aren’t able to be recruited until the VA is approved.

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So you are telling me that whoever doesn’t have an IFVARB Approved VA pilots can’t join?
Wow, i’m speechless…

Now, if that is true, staff can still join, which adds a point to this.

Well, most the time I believe the VA is going through approval whilst being set up, hence the availability in staffing positions when they posts their threads.

Alright well i’m fine with your opinion. But what only matters is what the IFVARB Admins will say.

A VA can have pilots join before it is approved, however it cannot advertise a thread, in which they ask people to join.
Just look at @Balloonchaser , his VA had over 50 active members before it was fully approved 😜

However if a VA is looking for staff members, usually they’ll reach out to people they know and trust instead of desperately searching for anyone possible.

Everything you need is here 😉


The current Google Sheet is sufficient and has all the information you need. The list will be constantly changing with new additions, expiries, cancellations, and requests to change reservations, so to update the thread would be a misuse of time better spent elsewhere.


Is it possible that the list can go under a official VARB thread (maybe the application process thread or something) so that the list is in a place where people would be looking for it??

I can definitely arrange that for you.


I was just looking through the list, and for my VA, it has the reservation holder as hi25td, im thinking that would be a typo, I just wanted to point it out.

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