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I have been an ATC at training server for a couple of days and I enjoyed it. However, this server does not allow you to ghost unprofessional or misbehaving pilots due to the neglection of the ATC instructions, which makes it frustrating for ATCs who which they enjoy the game. So, I request you update the rules for training server ghosting such as “ghosting might be available for level 3 ATC” or I would like to be one of the expert server’s ATC. Thanks in advance.


Hi there!

Training server is meant for pilots to learn. Unfortunately, this means they may not always follow your instructions. It’s sad, but the best thing you can do is to ignore them as much as possible. Ghosting is not permitted on the training server because, as said above, pilots are learning and it’s not fair to punish them for things they might not know.

If you would like to control professional pilots (somewhat), you can join IFATC and control on expert. Here’s the link for that:

Hope this helped. Happy controlling!


Sometimes I feel like this too and agree with you. If the pilots don’t want to respect the ATC, why don’t they stay in casual? So, i’ve tried to find the ways to become an expert ATC.


The only way to become one is to click on that link that Taipei posted. There isn’t any trick like you think there is, you need to apply.

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I understand that some of them are learning. But when you have operated so many times, you can distinguish who is learning from who just don’t want to respect you. But i’ll try to become an expert


Thanks, I appreciate it very much. Applied already🙂

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Sometimes when i don’t have time to make a regular flight i am operating as an ATC as well, but some people who keeps spamming makes me frustrated. At least ghosting can be an option for some leveled ATC’s who are really trying to prepare the users for the Expert server. Otherwise those people will keep not respecting the others.


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