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I was flying from NZAA to NZWN on the Expert server today. Everything from takeoff to landing went smoothly, but after I touched down I did not receive the exit runway and contact ground message even though I had a jet right behind me. Therefore I exited like normal and stopped behind the runway hold mark (after exiting the runway/Clear of the runway) then I asked for a frequency change as I was not cleared for a change. After no ATC response I asked again about 2 minutes later. Then the controller tells me to check the forums for assistance using ATC. Then I wonder if I’m supposed to be cleared for that frequency change or if I should’ve changed immediately after clearing the threshold mark. Hope someone knows, as I am kinda confused now.

Hello! If a controller doesn’t tell you to exit runway, it never means you should stay on runway! Of course you need to exit and change frequency to ground after crossing the line. Please consider the busy work of tower controller that he can’t focus on telling an aircraft to exit and contact ground which he has already successfully landed!

Good thing you didn’t annoy the tower asking for frequency change because you could’ve ended up ghosted! 😋

Have a good time!

Hi,i was your controller,did you see how many traffic was there?i had some planes disappearing.
You had a jet behind? Of course,you hade 7 planes behind.
If you exit the runway,you have to contact GROUND,no need to wait the controller to tell you.
For that i send you “please check help pages”.
Thanks for coming.


I always exit the runway, even if the controller don’t say exit runway. But I wonder if I’m supposed to ask for permission to change frequency or if I should just change it when I exit.

It’s better if you don’t ask it. And same goes when you taxi to a runway. Many people ask for frequency change from ground to tower when holding short, which they really don’t have to. You can change yourself, unless you’re crossing a runway.

Ok, thanks. When taxing to the runway I always change as the command tells you to “Taxi to runway x and contact tower when ready”
And also the main reason I wondered was that he gave all the other aircrafts the exit command.

Exactly, happy flying in expert Mr @Gollemitt 👍🏼

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I told you,some planes disappeared, I probably Lose you for a moment, in any case if you do not get the command, change the frequency and ask for taxi

I understand that there were a lot of traffic as you had controll of several frequencies and in the end I switched to the ground and taxied. Which worked great.

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