Request for spoilers when turning

Good morning, IF I was wondering if we can get spoilers when you turn the plane in a bank. you usually see it if you watch a video of a plane when landing. here is a pic of it below. I feel like it will make the flying experience more realistic. This is what google says about it. " Roll spoilers are flat panels mounted on the upper wing surfaces , which deploy upward into the slipstream on the down wing only, disturbing lift and thereby aiding the down-wing aileron in effecting the turn. Roll spoilers are interconnected with the ailerons, so as to perform in harmony with them."

Screen Shot 2022-03-16 at 12.00.24 PM


Yes I would totally Love to have this in the sim


You can request this in #features. Nevermind, vote for it below in Wizrak’s post.

You’re in luck! There’s a feature request already made that you can vote for.


See highlighted post