Request for more Singapore Airlines plane models in infinite flight

Dear Infinite Flight developers and sales representatives,

My son and I are fans of Infinite Flight Simulator software and we constantly use your software.

I am a Singaporean and definitely excited that you have Singapore Airlines DC-10, 787-10 & A380 as part of the options for selection for the planes to fly.

However, we are every disappointed that you have left out a list of other planes that Singapore Airlines ever flew before as follow:

  1. Singapore Airlines 727 Advanced (Old livery)
  2. Singapore Airlines 737-100 (Old livery)
  3. Singapore Airlines 747-212 Super B (Old livery)
  4. Singapore Airlines 747-312 Big Top (Old & New livery)
  5. Singapore Airlines 747-412 Megatop (New livery)
  6. Singapore Airlines 747-400 Cargo MegaArk (New livery)
  7. Singapore Airlines 757-200 (Old & New livery)
  8. Singapore Airlines 777-200 (New livery)
  9. Singapore Airlines 777-300 (New livery)
  10. Singapore Airlines 777-300ER (New livery)
  11. Singapore Airlines Concorde (Old livery)
  12. Singapore Airlines A300-B4 (Old livery)
  13. Singapore Airlines A310 (Old livery)
  14. Singapore Airlines A330-300 (New livery)
  15. Singapore Airlines A340-300 (New livery)
  16. Singapore Airlines A340-500 (New livery)
  17. Singapore Airlines A350-900 (New livery)
  18. Singapore Airlines A350-900ULR (New livery)

Please consider and help create the artwork for the above series.

Best Regards,
William Wong


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