Request for Hong Kong VHHH Airport Layout Update

Hi everyone!

Hong Kong’s third runway has officially went into service last Friday. Therefore, I’m wondering if there are plans to update the airport’s layout and its SIDs and STARs. It would be a really nice boost in realism, since some operation changes has happened, notably that one of the runways has shut down for construction (07L/25R in IF / 07C/25C in real world) and there is a ginormous chunk of new land on the north side of the airport.

Hello Eugene,

Hong Kong’s third runway, and subsequent infrastructure changes are rather new. The airport itself will be updated once sufficient satellite imagery becomes available. However, SID/STAR procedures will likely come later, as these are updated, typically annually, via Infinite Flight’s provider: NAVBLUE.

I, for one, am very excited about Hong Kong’s third runway and hope to see it in Infinite Flight soon!

All the best :)


That’s great to here, can’t wait!

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