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Hello everyone! So, I love the new KC-10 and it’s fun being able to let it fly one leg and turn it around to go the other way and vice versa multiple times, whilst jets fill up. Similar to how a crop dusters fertilise a paddock…

However I’ve wanted to make a flight plan that has this style using longitude and latitude and inputting it into IF, similar to the BOE4 flight. My problem is however, I’m finding it difficult and frustrating to do the maths and convert the LAT and LONG with little knowledge on them.

So my request was for someone to make me a flight plan that starts from KEDW and ends at MMLP. Each leg should be around 100nm long and about 5 legs total excluding the final leg to MMLP and at the end of each leg a semi circluar turn around to the next leg like this: image
Credit to: FR24 and @nicochile2

And this: image
Note: the green arrow represents the final leg to MMLP

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, refer to this post.

I hope atleast a few of you are able to do this sort of flight planning and one of you can make me this custom flight plan! PM if you have made the FPL and want to send me the route :)

Also I’m not sure if this would fit more Support or General?

Cheers- Pancake


MM58 is class Echo. Too big for DC10.


Changed it to MMLP which I landed a KC-10 there the other day.

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I would suggest you talk to @GHamsz regarding this. He’s the math wizard and has set up some pretty neat flight plans that I’ve seen.


Ok so here is how you do it. Start with your departure airport and google it’s coordinates. I used your MMLP

Next start making yourself a grid. Since that is our take off, and landing destination I took our plan to the south by a minute then over to the west 20 minutes. By alternating up and down removing 2 minutes from the West coordinates after each pass it gives us a grid.

2400N/1102W > add 30 minutes to the north > 2430N/1102W > subtract 2 minutes from the West > 2430N/1100W > subtract 30 minutes from the north > 2400N/1100W > Then to keep going subtract another 2 minutes from the west and so on

The north and west need to change but only after making 1 leg.

For yours we get this

MMLP 2403N/11021W 2403N/11041W 2434N/11041W 2434N/11039W 2404N/11039W 2404N/11037W 2434N/11037W 2434N/11035W 2404N/11035W 2404N/11033W 2434N/11033W 2434N/11031W 2404N/11031W 2404N/11029W 2434N/11029W 2434N/11027W 2404N/11027W 2404N/11025W 2434N/11025W 2434N/11023W 2404N/11023W MMLP

Hope that helps ✌️

Edit: @TheFlyingPancake this is the one you where actually asking for depart from KEDW.

KEDW 3454N/11733W 2404N/11001W 2404N/11003W 3454N/11735W 3454N/11737W 2404N/11005W 2404N/11007W 3454N/11739W 3454N/11741W 2404N/11009W 2404N/11011W 3454N/11743W 3454N/11745W 2404N/11013W 2404N/11015W 3454N/11747W 3454N/11749W 2404N/11017W 2404N/11019W 3454N/11751W MMLP


How? I still don’t understand it.

What exactly are you not understanding?
Edited the original post to hopefully make it more clear

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Thanks so much for making it easier to understand! Will do some more practice and ask you for anymore help if need be. Also thanks for th flight plan I will take a look now :) Cheers-Pancake

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Yay I think I understand it now! Will definitely be doing some more practice on this!

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My question is how do you know what numbers the original coordinates shouldn’t be shortened too?

I’m stuck arghhh imageimage

Your coordinate should be in the form of DDDMM/DDDMM – last 2 digits are always minutes

So this should be 3100S/11500E, the one you entered translates to 31S 11deg 55’ E

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Ok I will try again, cheers Dush!

Why does it do this? The fist coordinates are directly on YPPH and then it does weird stuff

It should 3100S not North. For better results, just copy what I paste below


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Still, the coordinates should be directly on YPPH



this is max accuracy

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Yeah it worked, but how do I go True north, like when put in north it goes North North West

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